Lets go for a drive…

In the last week, we’ve scoped out the shopping malls and checked out the best supermarkets. Today we decided to take a drive towards the south on the coastal road to see what there was to be seen. And mainly to go check out the crystal clear waters of Le Morne.

Sky was clear, sun was shining an off we went. Once we got past Tamarin, Black River’s vegetation has many similarities to South African Bos Veld. I can see why so many South Africans live in this region as it does kind of feel like home. A home comfort in a way.

We carried on south until we turned down to Le Morne. Some of the island best hotels are situated in Le Morne. A beautiful odd shaped mountain (looks like a massive rock) overlooks the turquoise bays of Le Morne.

We stopped at the public beach, so quiet and isolated, so untouched. Unreal. Never have I seen such clear water.



We carried on around the corner to find what Le Morne is famous for. KITE SURFERS!!! So awesome, need to try it. I’m sure it’s a whole lot harder than it looks but why not give it a shot.




From there, were headed back the way we came and took the turn to Chamarel to stop at the viewpoint on the mountain. We were so lucky, the day was just glorious and so was the view, we carried on further along the mountain, past the Rhumerie until we reached the Black River Gorge National Park. We pulled over and took a walk to the viewpoint, and what a view it is. Just stunning.



We walked back to the car and across the road was a stand selling fresh sugar cane juice. After seeing it being made on Masterchef South Africa I was curious to try it. 50 Rupees later we had a cup of sugar cane juice and a piece of sugar cane each to chew on. Loved chewing on the sugar cane. The man who sold us the juice couldn’t speak English but was trying to tell us something. Possibly – “chewing sugar cane is like brushing your teeth”or “chewing sugar cane is good for your teeth”. I would think quite the opposite but hey who knows. The juice, hhhmmmm, not too sure about it. Was kind of brown in colour with a white froth, looked as if I was drinking an iced coffee. VERY sweet but that’s a given. I think I need to try it again to make up my mind.

From there we got a little lost in a forest, found our way out and back the way we came.  It’s truly a beautiful part of the island and something everyone should do.

The beauty on the island kind of makes up for the extremely scary drivers on the road! The locals like to take risks and one would think being South African you would be able to handle almost anything- not this.

Mike said, “People say we need to adapt, I’m cool to adapt but does this also mean I must drive like a crazy and not give a damn?”



Every evening I got excited to go for dinner just to see what Annabella’s had to offer.

Annabella’s is the main restaurant at Heritage Le Telfair Hotel. With its colonial style setting, the lovely atmosphere and unbelievable food – Annabella’s is a MUST-GO-TO! restaurant. Each night the menu is different and you get 3 options of your starter, mains and desserts. The best part about it is, if you are no sure what to order, you can walk into the “kitchen” and see what each dish looks like and watch it being plated up. One of the Head Chefs there, Carl, was just a pleasure to meet. All the staff are highly professional and friendly! Top notch service!

The name: Heritage Le Telfair was named after Charles Telfair. Charles Telfair was a botanist who has a huge influence on Mauritius. His wife’s name was Annabella, she was a water colour artist who loved to entertain people.

The food has a french influence and is gastronomically creative. Ginger ice-cream = YUM! Annabella’s can take a simple apple and turn it into something exciting and new.

My heart (which listens to my stomach most of the time) was filled with happiness after each meal at Annabella’s!

Food – Amazing

Service – High Class

Atmosphere – Relaxed

High Class Fine Dining





The start of something new & exciting

I’m not the best of writers – so please bare with me.

My boyfriend and I made the decision to do something we’ve always wanted to do- have the island life. The 2 of us have lived in Johannesburg for most of our lives, along with the hustle, the bustle, crime, corruption, traffic, pollution and stress. Don’t get me wrong- Jozi is a vibrant and diverse city but all these other elements seem to compromise our way of life. People have high wall, electric fencing, security guards etc and we still don’t feel safe.

Gauteng being the land locked province it is, living by the sea has always been a dream. It’s the one thing I would really look forward to when we went on a vacation-the Ocean! The smell, the view, the beach, the sand between your toes! Heaven.

So why now?
November 2011, my fellow creatives and myself were told that the account we worked on had decided not to continue the contract with the company. We had a chance to re-pitch for the business-which we did and we did well but another company did better. Around 65 of us were retrenched.
Most of us saw this as an opportunity to do something we really wanted to do. I dont know how my boyfriend (Mike) and I decided to do this but we did! Move to Mauritius and live our Island Dream!

Why Mauritius?
I have been to Mauritius a few times and each time I fall in love all over again. There is just something special about Mauritius. We could have moved to the coast of South Africa but its just not the same. Cape Town is beautiful but you cant really swim in the sea because you’ll freeze or get eaten by a shark. Durban- also beautiful but never really felt connected to it and jobs don’t come easy.

We just wanted to do something different and for us!

After much thought and research.

The date is set!


Ile Maurice-Here we come!