Getting our ducks in a row!

We still currently looking for a place to live in Flic en Flac.
And a reasonably priced car to rent.

We’ve looked at a number of places and just waiting to hear from a few people. Flic en Flac just seems like a great place to stay- close to a beautiful beach, a Spar Shop, the new Cascavelle is up the road and its young and Vibey.

Rental Cars are proofing to be quite difficult to find at a reasonable rate- the cost of rental for a month is like putting down a deposit on a small car-scary stuff! And then there are “private” cars that are so much cheaper. Why? Is it because they are not licensed properly? And thats the last thing I want-trying to start a life in a new place and get in trouble with police-no no no no no! Not a good Idea. So the search for both continues

Havent started looking for work as Im still trying to get my portfolio together! Feels like its taking a life time!

At least the flights are booked so we have a date to work towards