Please bare with me, I’m not the best of writers.

My name is Lau.

My boyfriend and I made the decision to do something we’ve always wanted to do- have the island life. The 2 of us have lived in Johannesburg for most of our lives, along with the hustle, the bustle, crime, corruption, traffic, pollution and stress. Don’t get me wrong- Jozi is a vibrant and diverse city but all these other elements seem to compromise our way of life.

Gauteng being the land locked province it is, living by the sea has always been a dream. It’s the one thing I would really look forward to when we went on a vacation-the Ocean! The smell, the view, the beach, the sand between your toes! Heaven.

So why now?
November 2011, my fellow creatives and myself were told that the account we worked on had decided not to continue the contract with the company. We had a chance to re-pitch for the business-which we did and we did well but another company did better. Around 65 of us were retrenched.
Most of us saw this as an opportunity to do something we really wanted to do. I dont know How my boyfriend (Mike) and I decided to do this but we did! Move to Mauritius and live our Island Dream!

Why Mauritius?
I have been to Mauritius a few time and each time I fall in love all over again. There is just something special about Mauritius. We could have moved to the coast of South Africa but its just not the same. Cape Town is beautiful but you cant really swim in the sea because you’ll freeze or get eaten by a shark. Durban- also beautiful but never really felt connected to it and jobs don’t come easy.

We just wanted to do something different and for us!

After much thought and research.

The date is set!


Ile Maurice-Here we come!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m loving you and your partner’s adventure spirit!
    I’ve only been to Port Louis area, as my relatives reside there.

    Hope to hear more of your endeavors in Maurice. 🙂
    And of course, all the best to you two!

  2. I came across your blog via expat blog.
    I’m moving to Mauritius too, i mean i’m moving back after 6 years in Europe.
    The crisis is having adverse consequences in many european countries.
    Africa is the futur !
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Mauritius as Mauritius is a nice place with still a lot to be invented. Hope you bring your contributions.
    And don’t feel discouraged at the beginning, maybe you will need some adaptation time but never give up !

  3. Thank you thatbunnie and Patrick! Means so much to hear words of encouragement. We will keep everyone posted on how the move is going. 8 days to go! 😀

  4. Good luck and I hope we get to see you (more likely there!) Christmas at Linda-May’s will just not be the same without you guys! gonna miss you!! xxx

    • Thanks Les! Gonna miss you guys too! Will keep everyone posted on the progress! may take awhile until we have internet up and running. but will definitely keeping updating the blog as often as we can! lotsa love! xxx

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